holiday sale follow-up

The Holiday Sale was so fun. I love having my house full of friends! Thank you so kindly to everyone who came. And thank you for buying handmade!

Here are a few photos from the pop-up shop. I think in my next life I will own a shop and spend my time making window displays–I really enjoy [...]

harvest festival follow-up

A few weekends ago, we were vendors at the Harvest Festival at Royalty Pecan Farms. The whole day was perfect: Beautiful weather. Hardworking, handsome husband. New friends. Old friends. Tasty local eats.

The long day started out with a beautiful sunrise as we drove. So peaceful.

The farm is amazing. This was my view all day. I think [...]

event: holiday sale

Tomorrow is the Holiday Sale! If you are new to Book Bound Bindery, here is a peek at some of things you will find tomorrow at the sale.

Handmade Journals. The pages are blank inside and so lovely. Most covers were made with vintage fabric.

Notebooks. Seven different covers to choose from: bird, butterfly, zebra, truck, dino, tree, [...]

wedding guest book: sarah & marty

Just before I boxed up my studio, I made Sarah and Marty’s wedding guest book. Marty is one of our cousins (Side Note: We just spent a weekend with that side of the family. They are so much fun to be with. Missing them already) and we are so excited for him and Sarah. I really [...]

wedding guest book: amanda & david

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but I”ll say it again: I love making books for people I know. (Don’t get me wrong, I love making books for people I don’t know too.)

This time I got to make a cousin’s guest book (Hi Amanda and Cathy!).

The cover was purple silk bound with ivory waxed linen [...]

kiddo valentines

Max made his valentines this year for his preschool class. He directed the entire project – I tried my best to follow orders.

Max wanted me to draw a T-rex on each one. But… my T-rex skills are a little rusty and so I asked him what his second choice was. Dinos with long, long necks. Ok. [...]

handmade gifts: photo books

I guess photo books may not technically be “handmade”… but I still put them in that category. Photo books make great gifts for all occasions. My mom has made a couple in recent years that my boys just love to look at.

First up: Spiral Bound pages measuring 9″ by 12″

My mom printed 4″ by 6″ [...]

handmade gifts: wooden people

When I stumbled upon this tutorial, I knew my 2-year-old must have a little family of guys for Christmas. Now, these guys go every where with him – even to nap time (they ride in a little bucket).

I used fabric scraps from my grandma’s stash. I’m a sentimental fool about everything (I even save the money [...]

handmade gifts: hopscotch

I’m always looking for indoor activities for our family.

Two reasons:
1. Each Sunday we go to church and then spend the rest of the day together.
2. Some Houston summer days are just too hot for anything outside.

So for Christmas, I made the boys a hopscotch mat. I used the fabric from a couch slip cover I’ve had [...]

handmade gifts

(The boys trying on the scarfs they made for all their grandparents. Cooper was so excited he got to use the scissors for a project.)

December was a blur. A happy, fun, wonderful blur.

Here’s one reason: I believe in handmade gifts. Not just for Christmas, but all the time. This year, though, I [...]

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