2013 Summer Art Workshop Schedule

Can you believe it’s already time to make plans for summer? I have a feeling the upcoming month is going to be a whirlwind until school gets out.

I have finally put together my workshop schedule for the summer. I have so many fun projects in mind — it’s going to be a blast! So if your [...]

Paint-Along Schedule

Happy New Year! Thanks to all of you–my dear readers–for reading my blog and following my tutorials and leaving comments that say nice things. You brighten my day. Thank you!

We are starting off the year with Paint-Alongs! Have you ever wanted to give painting a try, but didn’t want to invest in a whole set of [...]

summer 2012 workshops

It’s time for art! I decided to teach art classes this summer. There should be something for everyone.

These classes are designed for kids who have expressed an interest in art and art history. They should be able to sit still and focus on painting/drawing

Interested young artists will join me in my studio (aka kitchen) for [...]

art class glimpse:days 1 & 2

Ta-da! Art class.The kids are working on their Andy Warhol-esque paintings. They could choose 5 colors and they mixed them all by themselves (makes me so proud!)

We took a look at Andy Warhol’s work and talked all about color. How to mix color, tint vs shade, warm vs cool, local vs arbitrary. It was lots of [...]

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