tutorial: tiny book ornament

Remember how I told you we made paper ornaments at the Harvest Festival a couple months ago? Remember how I made that great little video tutorial of how to make the Paper Ball Ornament?

Well. Get excited. We also taught how to make a Tiny Book Ornament.

What’s that you say? You want to make one too?


First watch [...]

holiday sale follow-up

The Holiday Sale was so fun. I love having my house full of friends! Thank you so kindly to everyone who came. And thank you for buying handmade!

Here are a few photos from the pop-up shop. I think in my next life I will own a shop and spend my time making window displays–I really enjoy [...]

summer 2012 workshops

It’s time for art! I decided to teach art classes this summer. There should be something for everyone.

These classes are designed for kids who have expressed an interest in art and art history. They should be able to sit still and focus on painting/drawing

Interested young artists will join me in my studio (aka kitchen) for [...]

teacher appreciation gifts

It’s the end of the school year for us. Thursday (tomorrow) is the last day of Preschool.

[Which means it's almost time for my oldest kiddo to go to Kindergarten! Ahhh!]

And we certainly do appreciate Max’s teachers, Mrs. Lauren and Mrs. Bethany. Max has loved every single minute of Preschool. [Cooper has loved every single minute Max [...]

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