Polka Dot Cupcakes

I wanted to make a special treat for my son’s Destination Imagination team for the day of competition. Their challenge was centered around the colors of the rainbow. My little mama heart was ready to burst watching them perform their skit they came up with all by themselves.


I almost made rainbow cupcakes. Then I almost made a rainbow cake. But in the end, I gave polka dot cupcakes a shot. They were a big hit!

So, here is my version of how to make polka dot cupcakes.

1. Prepare one white cake mix as directed (I’m lazy, though, and used 2 eggs instead of 3 egg whites).

2. Separate into bowls and color with food coloring (I made 8 colors: red, orange, yellow, lime green, grass green, blue, purple, pink). Please note: one cake mix made 4 dozen mini cupcakes so I ended up with 6 mini cupcakes in each of the 8 colors.

3. Bake as mini cupcakes.

4. Pop those out of the pan and put one in each cupcake tin.

5. Prepare another white cake mix and spoon the batter on top of the colored mini cupcakes. Bake for 13-15 minutes or until the top is springy (toothpick test won’t work here since the mini cupcake is already baked).

6. Frost. Sprinkle. Enjoy!

The kids got a kick out of guessing which color was in each cupcake. We all love surprises, right? I’m sure I will make these again.


In other news: I’ve started a newsletter! You can subscribe by submitting your email (look in the top right corner of my blog). I will send out a few newsletters a year with updates on my workshop and Paint-Along schedules. Be sure to subscribe so you can be the first to know! Plus, I have been known to send presents to people near their birthdays…

Toddler Boy Bedroom

We’ve lived in our house for about 18 months now, and I finally feel like one room is just the way I like it. So that either means that my two-year-old is my favorite child. Or it means his room looked like this when we bought the house (neon aqua walls?!)

From girly tween to toddler boy…

He’s lucky to have a big window with lots of natural light. It’s a fun place to play.

We stash all the toys in this awesome antique banana crate. My Grandpa was a grocer and I feel so lucky to have a few crates from his collection.

I made the pillows and curtains. The curtains were made from a duvet cover from IKEA that was on clearance. I cut it in half and lined the middle so it make enough shade in there for nap time.

This little chair is Chris’ Grandmother’s that we had reupholstered. The legs were wobbly, so we took them off. Turns out to be the perfect height for toddlers. We like to snuggle and read stories in this chair. It’s also a perfect spot to sit and admire Aunt Karina’s handiwork. He loves those animals!

Chris and I built the book shelf six years ago. Way before Pinterest. We based our plans off a shelf I saw from Martha Stewart. I still love it!

What would bedtime be without his family of monkeys? Especially Baby Monkey. He loves that little guy. I strung a couple garlands made of stars and paper airplanes over his crib. He loves looking at them while in his bed. Often we have to say goodnight to the airplanes before turning off the lights.

Now on to the half bath…


Nurturing in 2013

It’s a new year and with that comes a new theme (you can read about my theme from 2012 here).

I’m the kind of person that has unrealistic expectations for myself. My to-do lists are never ending–I want to do the housekeeping, install board and batten in the half bath, and spend hours painting with my children in the art room all in the same afternoon. I tend to complicate simple tasks. So that leaves me feeling overwhelmed regularly.

Because of all that, I find myself looking far away for happiness. You know, maybe if I have my house completely decorated and thoughtfully designed I will be happy? Or maybe if I sell every item listed in my shop I will feel happy? Or maybe if no one in my family asks for dinner tonight I will feel happy?

2012 was a difficult year for me emotionally. I’m feeling slightly empty and low on confidence. But here I am, ready for a new year with new possibilities and new adventures.

One happy thought I had in 2012 is that I’m surrounded by the things that will help me feel happy. All I need to do is nurture them.

Nurture my relationship with my loyal, handsome husband.
Nurture my relationship with my darling, stinky boys.
Nurture my relationship with my loving Father in Heaven.
Nurture the good earth in my backyard so we can have veggies a plenty.
Nurture the goodness and light in me so I can be a friend to others.

The list goes on, but you get the idea.

So here’s to nurturing.

I made a little poster for my kitchen to help keep nurturing at the forefront of my daily business. Oh, what’s that you say? You want one too? No problem. The pdf is right here. You’re welcome.

Happy New Year!

Paint-Along Schedule

Happy New Year! Thanks to all of you–my dear readers–for reading my blog and following my tutorials and leaving comments that say nice things. You brighten my day. Thank you!

We are starting off the year with Paint-Alongs! Have you ever wanted to give painting a try, but didn’t want to invest in a whole set of classes? Do you think you have a hidden talent for making art? Maybe you liked to paint when you were a kid but haven’t tried since?

Well, I have the perfect class for you. Join me at my house for a Paint-Along where I will take you step by step through a painting. At the end of the class you will have your own masterpiece to take home with you. I provide all the materials–you just get to show up and have fun.

All the details are below. I’ve planned out a few classes and will add more as the months go by. You can purchase a seat for the class in my shop or by bringing payment to me. Each class only has 6 spots available, so don’t hesitate.

7-9 pm
Painting details TBD.
Click here to purchase

7-9 pm
Learn to paint a fruit still life.
Click here to purchase

7-9 pm
Learn to paint a portrait.
Click here to purchase

holiday sale follow-up

The Holiday Sale was so fun. I love having my house full of friends! Thank you so kindly to everyone who came. And thank you for buying handmade!

Here are a few photos from the pop-up shop. I think in my next life I will own a shop and spend my time making window displays–I really enjoy that part.

Fresh boxwood and other random greens from my yard adorned the front door.

I still have some journals left–email me if you are interested.

I also have a handful of original paintings available for purchase. Along with prints of my paintings, blank cards, and gift card holders.

Thank you, again, for buying handmade! I really appreciate your support and kind words. I’m already looking forward to next year’s Holiday Sale. But if you can’t wait until then, you can always shop online.

harvest festival follow-up

A few weekends ago, we were vendors at the Harvest Festival at Royalty Pecan Farms. The whole day was perfect: Beautiful weather. Hardworking, handsome husband. New friends. Old friends. Tasty local eats.

The long day started out with a beautiful sunrise as we drove. So peaceful.

The farm is amazing. This was my view all day. I think I might ask for a farm for Christmas.

Our booth withstood the gusty winds the farm is used to. Thanks to a friendly neighboring vendor, nothing of mine blew away.

And of course, we stayed until the sun set. So lovely. Can’t wait for next year!

event: holiday sale

Tomorrow is the Holiday Sale! If you are new to Book Bound Bindery, here is a peek at some of things you will find tomorrow at the sale.

Handmade Journals. The pages are blank inside and so lovely. Most covers were made with vintage fabric.

Notebooks. Seven different covers to choose from: bird, butterfly, zebra, truck, dino, tree, bike. Pockets in the front and back covers.

Stickers. Each notebook has a coordinating sticker. You know, for gift wrap or marking your kiddo’s sack lunch or as a bookplate.

Gift Card Holders. I believe in properly gifting gift cards (aka make it special, people).

Pop-up Cards. Everyone loves a pop-up.

Original Paintings. This is new this year! I have a few originals available. Six recent paintings are available as 8″ by 10″ prints.

And to top it off (sorry for no photo!) the paintings are also available as note card sets.

Hope to see you tomorrow! Email me if you need my address.

with christmas in mind

Don’t worry. I didn’t forget about Christmas. I have a pop-up greeting card for that too. See you Saturday at the Pecan Harvest Festival!

pop-up greeting cards

Introducing: Pop-up Greeting Cards!

I’m always trying to dress up a gift card so the recipient knows I’m not short on love. That’s why I started making Gift Card Holders a few years ago. The one drawback, it you can’t just pop those in the mail since they are so thick and book-like. These new pop-ups fold up flat so you can stick a regular stamp on them and put them in the mail. You’re welcome.

There are a few different designs to choose from. The inside is blank. I love how versatile these are: “High 5″ can be to congratulate your friend or to wish him/her luck or to celebrate his/her birthday. See what I mean? Awesome.

Of course, there is an array of bright colors to choose from.

Who will you surprise with a pop-up?

These will be available for purchase at the Pecan Harvest Festival on Saturday and also next week at the Holiday Sale.


The past few weeks were filled with all sorts of wonderful things. Mr-Four-Years-Old learned to ride his bike without training wheels. We said good bye to some of our favorite shoes. We enjoyed several rides through Texas farm country just for fun. Chris built a chin-up bar in the back yard so we can all have big muscles. I mended all the stuffed animals that have been waiting years. We helped a turtle across the road. And to top it all off, we saw a FULL double rainbow before school one morning.

It’s a happy life here.

Enjoy the weekend!

All photos from my Instagram feed (@bookbound)

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