52 letters: we are not alone

(Cute and totally unrelated photo. I love the way Baby O’s toes curl up tight!)

Look. Other people are doing writing 52 letters too.

the non-consumer advocate and Nonny

Who will you write a letter to [...]

our 2010 christmas card

I know Christmas feels like it was ages ago (how does that happen so fast?) but I thought I’d share our Christmas card anyway. Of course I used one of Cathe Holden’s vintage images to make our card. It was printed on linen card stock and mailed in parchment envelopes.

Here’s the front and back. I love [...]

52 letters: getting started

It’s week one of my 52 letters project. Have you written your first thank you? Feels good, huh. Have you put a stamp on it and mailed it? That feels good too.

Here’s my tip for this week:
Gather up a few note cards, envelopes, stamps and a pen.
Put them all together (in a basket or pile or [...]

52 letters

When I was in high school, my sister made me a very special book filled with letters from family and friends and quotes and scriptures. (And since it was the mid-90s the book is a 3-ring binder covered in quilt batting, fabric, and lace)

One of my favorites from that collection goes something like this:

Gratitude is the [...]

baby’s birth announcements

I’m so happy with these announcements. Months ago, Cathe Holden posted a vintage “i spy” image on her blog. I knew immediately I wanted to use it in the announcement. (Thanks, Cathe!)

[side note: Last year I used one of Cathe's images for our Christmas card. You can see pics of it here.]

The text reads, “I spy [...]

new gift card holder design

Hi. Remember how I used to blog? Well, I’m ready to do that again.

At the last minute, I decided to be a vendor at the July Jubilee in College Station so I’m working around the clock getting ready. This is my first official craft fair – I’m excited to give it a try. I [...]

sending packages

Recently, I received this apple box in the mail from my Grandpa. He is the master of letter writing and package sending.

He sent me two cranberry crates from his father’s grocery store (Dan’s Foods). I’m such a sentimental girl – I love having these pieces from the old store. Of course, he included a letter about [...]

tutorial tuesday: small pocket flag book

I’m breaking away from my baby and kiddo tutorials this week so you can get prepared for Mother’s Day. I don’t live close enough to my mom to celebrate Mother’s Day in person (sniff sniff) so I try to send something meaningful in the mail. This year, I designed a little flag book with pockets that [...]

kiddo valentines

I know I’m a little late on this post, but I’m still going to share! For Valentine’s Day this year, I kept it simple. I drew a few cheesy valentines on smallish pieces of paper (I think they were about 2.5″ by 4″) with my trusty Sharpie. Then I left my almost-four-year-old with his markers at [...]

tutorial tuesday: invisible ink letters

Hooray for Tutorial Tuesday! Still January = still posting tutorials about letter writing.

When I was in elementary school, I did some kind of summer class at the library and that is where I learned how to write with invisible ink. Thankfully, I tested out my memory of how to do this and it worked. So I [...]

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