tutorial tuesday: summer break

(my very tired – and crying – family at a recent gathering. the little guy REALLY wants the camera)

Hi everyone.

I am way behind these days. So I’ve decided to take a break from tutorial tuesdays for a couple months. When I bring them back, I will have all kinds of good things ready for [...]

tutorial tuesday: felt fishing game for kids

We recently celebrated a birthday at our house (how did my little guy grow up to be TWO?!). I like to make at least one of the gifts for birthdays. Here’s what I came up with for my two-year-old: A fishing game made of felt. I know this is not a new idea, but I had [...]

tutorial tuesday: baby legs (leg warmers)

Back to baby. (Have I mentioned how excited I am for another baby!?)

I’m happy to say Katie Kortman is back today (remember her ruffle bottom onesie tutorial?). Here is her baby legs tutorial.

I’m really seriously thinking of making my baby these. Is it socially acceptable for little boys to wear these?! Help me out here.

HOW TO [...]

tutorial tuesday: small pocket flag book

I’m breaking away from my baby and kiddo tutorials this week so you can get prepared for Mother’s Day. I don’t live close enough to my mom to celebrate Mother’s Day in person (sniff sniff) so I try to send something meaningful in the mail. This year, I designed a little flag book with pockets that [...]

tutorial tuesday: ruffle bottom onesie

As you know, I have a baby on the way so I thought it’d be fun to have a few weeks of baby-related tutorials (at least for me, haha!).

Katie Kortman of Blue-Eyed Freckle is the genius behind this ruffle bottom onesie tutorial. She has so many great ideas and is such an artistic and fashionable girl! [...]

tutorial tuesday: for the little boy

images via Thimbly Things

Today I wanted to list all the projects I’m excited to give a try because I have a baby boy on his way… that’s right! I’m expecting! And I couldn’t be happier. Soon there will be THREE LITTLE BOYS tromping around here. Oh how I love my little fellas.

+ [...]

tutorial tuesday: fabric flower garland

This is fabric flower garland is pretty simple. I made the flowers out on the deck while the boys played in the backyard. Later that night I made it into a garland. It’s the perfect thing for spring and summer.


+ fabric of your choice cut into circles (3″ diameter)
+ needle and thread
+ hot glue
+ twine or [...]

tutorial tuesday: fabric phone organizer

Back to organization. I love how spring makes me feel like cleaning. (If only it was spring all year…)

My kitchen counter space is limited. I got so tired of phones on the counter! So I solved the problem with this fabric phone organizer. I hung it on the wall next to my fridge, inbetween my cork [...]

tutorial tuesday: easy envelope organizer

It’s spring cleaning time around here. The trees and bushes are on the verge of full bloom and so I’ve got a serious case of the cleaning bug. The next few Tuesdays I want to share a few of my favorite DIY organizing projects. First up: the easy envelope organizer.

Cathe Holden thought up this great project. [...]

tutorial tuesday: frame your kiddo’s art

I have two little kiddos who love to make things. They draw and paint and color. Most of the time I’m working int he studio, they are there too working on their own projects. So, we have a LOT of kiddo creations around the house. I hate to file them away somewhere so I came up [...]

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