My Favorite Place: a commissioned art project

I’m excited to announce my new art venture:

My Favorite Place: a commissioned art project.

This is your chance to have custom artwork that will be completed in time for the holidays. I will paint an oil painting of your favorite place from a photograph of your choice. The painting will arrive to you framed and ready to [...]

project with jes

My sister came for a visit. We spent the afternoon writing a comic. It was so fun to put it together… and then it was hilarious (but I can’t tell you why)… but maybe she will?

Visit her blog to read the [...]

teacher appreciation gifts

It’s the end of the school year for us. Thursday (tomorrow) is the last day of Preschool.

[Which means it's almost time for my oldest kiddo to go to Kindergarten! Ahhh!]

And we certainly do appreciate Max’s teachers, Mrs. Lauren and Mrs. Bethany. Max has loved every single minute of Preschool. [Cooper has loved every single minute Max [...]

kiddo valentines

Max made his valentines this year for his preschool class. He directed the entire project – I tried my best to follow orders.

Max wanted me to draw a T-rex on each one. But… my T-rex skills are a little rusty and so I asked him what his second choice was. Dinos with long, long necks. Ok. [...]

handmade gifts: photo books

I guess photo books may not technically be “handmade”… but I still put them in that category. Photo books make great gifts for all occasions. My mom has made a couple in recent years that my boys just love to look at.

First up: Spiral Bound pages measuring 9″ by 12″

My mom printed 4″ by 6″ [...]

handmade gifts: wooden people

When I stumbled upon this tutorial, I knew my 2-year-old must have a little family of guys for Christmas. Now, these guys go every where with him – even to nap time (they ride in a little bucket).

I used fabric scraps from my grandma’s stash. I’m a sentimental fool about everything (I even save the money [...]

handmade gifts: hopscotch

I’m always looking for indoor activities for our family.

Two reasons:
1. Each Sunday we go to church and then spend the rest of the day together.
2. Some Houston summer days are just too hot for anything outside.

So for Christmas, I made the boys a hopscotch mat. I used the fabric from a couch slip cover I’ve had [...]

handmade gifts

(The boys trying on the scarfs they made for all their grandparents. Cooper was so excited he got to use the scissors for a project.)

December was a blur. A happy, fun, wonderful blur.

Here’s one reason: I believe in handmade gifts. Not just for Christmas, but all the time. This year, though, I [...]

challenge and something to share

About a month ago I heard about the Green Grocery Bag Challenge on Sew, Mama Sew! and thought I’d give it a try. Even if I don’t wrap everything in reusable bags, I decided not to buy any new wrapping supplies this year and instead just get creative with what I have around the house. I’m [...]

christmas advent calendar

I just made and hung my advent calendar for this year. I decided not to unpack my calendar from last year (you can see pics here) for no good reason – just didn’t want to. So I made this one using a brown paper bag and construction paper. I cut open the bag and then folded [...]

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