our family

This is my family.

I love this picture. It pretty much sums up our family. We like each other enough to all sit on a small couch together. Max has a bonk and Cooper has his blankie. Chris is wearing a BYU shirt. Owen is swaddled and sleeping. I’m surrounded by boys. And we are watching the [...]

autumn leaf garland

Last week I saw this idea and this idea. Which inspired me to make this:

Cool, huh. I cut out a bunch of leaves from an old textbook and brown kraft paper.

Max joined in the fun and helped me paint the leaves. Before he got started, we talked about what color autumn leaves are (in Houston most [...]

baby’s birth announcements

I’m so happy with these announcements. Months ago, Cathe Holden posted a vintage “i spy” image on her blog. I knew immediately I wanted to use it in the announcement. (Thanks, Cathe!)

[side note: Last year I used one of Cathe's images for our Christmas card. You can see pics of it here.]

The text reads, “I spy [...]

goodbye september

September is the hardest month for me. My mountain-loving self will never get used to Houston’s humid and hot September weather. Somehow, Houston missed the message that September is not summer. So, when I am ready for cool, crisp mornings and sweatshirts and leaves changing colors and breezes it’s no where in sight. None of that [...]


Every day around 4 o’clock I have a choice to make. Make dinner OR snuggle.

Ummm… I choose snuggle. Every time.  Wouldn’t you?!

In other news, I’ve been working on baby’s birth announcements. Once I get them all sent out I will post a few pics here. Until then, here’s a [...]


We welcomed Baby Brother into our family last week.

So, please excuse me for a couple of weeks. I’m busy enjoying this new little one. Life couldn’t [...]

our master bedroom

It’s done. Finally.

And I love it.

I tried to find a photo of what the room was like before, but I didn’t have any luck. So you will just have to trust me that is was awful. Think of your basement where you pile all the stuff you don’t know what to do with… that’s what our [...]

coming right up

Well, so much for my goal to blog regularly! Ha! Can I blame it on the fact I’m 8 months pregnant? Or maybe that I like to hang out with my boys? Or that I’m busy not doing the dishes?

I have a lot of fun things to share. Coming right up. Promise.

+ Chris spray painted our [...]

fireworks & glow sticks

Even though I didn’t really plan anything awesome for the 4th of July, I pulled out a pack of glow sticks while we watched fireworks and it made me instantly popular with the kiddos.

It’s a good idea to always have a secret stash of [...]

some thoughts

Things have been crazy around here! But good crazy.

See that art room? Yikes. I’m getting my table set-up figured out for the craft fair this weekend – I think I’m almost done.

We are excited for a visit from my brother and sister-in-law who come tomorrow. But since the art room is also the guest room, I [...]

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