small talk: week 12

Click here to download the very last installment of small talk. Hello week 12.

Hi folks. Did you know I have a guitar hero at my house? Cutest one in town, too.

I’m feeling like summer has just whizzed by. It’s August. School starts soon.

To help me deal with it, I made brownies. And added chocolate [...]

small talk: week 11

Welcome to week 11 of small talk. Click here to download the pdf.


What’s not to love about that face? It’s crazy to think he is almost one. Wasn’t he just born?! This time last year, Chris and I were putting together our bedroom. And now we don’t even live in that house [...]

small talk: week 10

Time to make small talk. It’s week 10. Click here to download.


This photo is a good representation of my kiddos. Max is blurry because he won’t hold still for two seconds. Cooper wants to be as close to Owen as possible all the time. Owen feels like such a big kid sitting [...]

small talk: week 9

Week 9 small talk. Enjoy.

This is a snapshot of a typical Saturday for us. We bum around the house alternating between video games and outside chores and usually a trip to our neighborhood pool. It’s a good life.

We are moving soon. I’m going to miss this house and all our friends here.


New [...]

small talk: week 8

Making small talk is easy. Try it. Download week 8‘s pdf. Click here.

These are my two little ones. Often I find Cooper laying next to Owen on the floor. Just restin’. Cute.

Happy summer. Happy talking.


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small talk: week 1
small talk: week 2
small [...]

small talk: week 7

It’s here. It’s week 7. It’s free. It’s ready to download. It’s for you. Click here.

Happy 4th of July!

Most of the time my boys want to play water guns. That means they fill up the blue bucket with the hose. Then they fill up their water guns with the water from the bucket and [...]

small talk: week 6

Downloading your week 6 small talk cheat sheet is free. Click here.

The other day I found Cooper and Owen playing this balloon game. I’m pretty sure Cooper stood on that handy stool (thanks, JoPa) and wiggled until Owen laughed. Then Cooper would throw the balloon at Owen. And it was hilarious.

Don’t forget to make [...]

small talk: week 5

Click on the image to download week 5‘s small talk

Another Monday. Mondays are hard at our house. There is something about Sunday that throws off our groove and we usually can’t get it back on track until Wednesday. Why is that?

Oh well. Onward!


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small talk: week 4

Click on the image to download the free pdf for week 4

Hello! It’s time for some more small talk. Are you finding this useful?

This week is going to be crazy fun: niece and nephew are in town, my mom is coming, finishing up art class, art exhibition night on Friday, summer book club, and [...]

small talk: week 3

(click on the image to download week 3‘s pdf)

Time for some more small talk.

Remember how I told you the original document is vintage (wink wink)? Well, a bunch of these ideas refer to vintage things like “the newspaper”  and “using coins at the grocery store”. I don’t do/use/have either of those things. Do you? [...]

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