guest book for the pink party

Tomorrow there is a very special party at my great auntie’s house. She’s calling it, Pink Party. On the surface, it’s a celebration of the pink dresser that was a Christmas gift given to her and her sister (my grandma) when they were girls. The pink dresser is famous in our family – and [...]

sneak peek: journals

Hi. How was your weekend? Are you all spooked-out? We had a fun weekend – busy – but fun. Glad Chris’ parents could come visit for a few days.

My Mom and Pa come today! Hooray! I tried my best to have everything ready for the Open House before today… I was close! Still a few final [...]

tutorial tuesday: write in your journal

Jessie is back! Hooray! A couple weeks ago she gave us some tips on choosing a journal and today she’s picking up right where she left off. Now that you have a journal, you should write in it. Thanks for the pointers, Jess.


first, let’s clear the air. sometimes the thought of writing in a [...]

sneak peek: blank notebooks

The Book Bound Bindery Open House is just around the corner (Thursday, November 5th). I have a handful of new products that will be available that night at the open house and in my Etsy shop the days after.

One of the new products I’ve designed is this little blank notebook. Each notebook is hand stitched with [...]

keeping a journal: where to start

It’s Tuesday again already?  Guest posting our tutorial today is my sister, Jessie. [Writing this is really intimidating because she is my editor - she rewrites everything I write so it actually makes sense. But this time she's not.] She lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her family (also around the corner from my brother and [...]

pamphlet stitch tutorial

Ready for a new project? This tutorial is for a 4″ by 6″ pocket pamphlet with four pages.

Named ‘pocket’ because it’s small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, not because it has pockets.

Named pamphlet because it is bound with the pamphlet stitch. The pamphlet stitch is good for sewing a few pages together – [...]

the pocket pamphlet

I’m always digging up new ways to keep a journal. A while back I started making these small notebooks out of left over scraps from my big projects. My kiddos love them – they are the perfect size for their laps which is good for our car trips, church services, and quiet time. I always keep [...]

travel journal tutorial

I have a 5 step program for you that will make you fall in love with journaling. If you already keep a journal, try this anyway. If you don’t keep a journal, this is a great place to start. I started keeping little travel journals in college so you can imagine the pile of little books [...]

lucky random winner!

Congratulations to Tammy who wins a hard back journal in aqua silk! More surprises for all you fans out there in the summer months ahead, so keep reading! And if you are not yet a fan, become [...]

baby’s first journal

New idea here. By the end of the summer they will be in the shop.

Just like my other products, the baby journal that is listed in etsy is the very same one that will arrive at your house in the mail. This time, though, you can add a single initial to the front cover [...]

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