tutorial: what to wear for family photos

We have our yearly family photo shoot coming up so outfits have been at the front of my mind for a while now. The honest truth is, I love that other people have really great style but I’m happy to just be in shorts and a t-shirt from Target (one of the reasons I’m not a [...]

tutorial tuesday: baby legs (leg warmers)

Back to baby. (Have I mentioned how excited I am for another baby!?)

I’m happy to say Katie Kortman is back today (remember her ruffle bottom onesie tutorial?). Here is her baby legs tutorial.

I’m really seriously thinking of making my baby these. Is it socially acceptable for little boys to wear these?! Help me out here.

HOW TO [...]

tutorial tuesday: ruffle bottom onesie

As you know, I have a baby on the way so I thought it’d be fun to have a few weeks of baby-related tutorials (at least for me, haha!).

Katie Kortman of Blue-Eyed Freckle is the genius behind this ruffle bottom onesie tutorial. She has so many great ideas and is such an artistic and fashionable girl! [...]

spotlight: miki sato

Miki Sato is a brilliant illustrator. I find everything she does so inspirational! I especially enjoyed watching this video of how she makes her works of art. Thanks, Miki, for sharing with us!

image via mikisatoillustration.com

Tell us about what you do.

I’m an illustrator in Toronto, Canada that works with things such as [...]

tutorial tuesday: treat bags

I found Heather’s blog, The Coterie Blog, just by chance a few months ago and love this tutorial she posted on how to make treat bags out of lunch sacks. Just so happens that not too long after that I found a very similar version of this posted by Cathe Holden on her blog, Just Something [...]

tutorial tuesday: postcarding

Today’s tutorial comes from Mara Zepeda of Neither Snow. She believes (like me) that mail matters. Mara is a brilliant calligrapher – tomorrow I plan on shining the spotlight on her and her work. But for today, she is here to share her tips and tricks on writing postcards. Welcome, Mara!

Eva Jorgensen already covered the correspondence [...]

tutorial tuesday: embroidery hoop ornament

Due to my “Christmas Brain” I totally forgot to post this awesome embroidery hoop ornament tutorial yesterday! So here it is on Wednesday instead. Chris has been home all week so I’ve been baking, playing at the park, raking leaves, reading Christmas stories, doing some last minute shopping and just hanging out with the fam instead [...]

tutorial tuesday: cake

Today’s tutorial comes from my super talented friend Ruth. She can do everything: quilting, baking, mom-ing, homemaking, and even wardrobe consulting (she takes me shopping). Owning her own bakery is a dream of hers, so I thought I better get in on her cake secrets now before she has to guard them for the business’ sake [...]

tutorial tuesday: christmas letters

Jes is back (she taught us why we should do this and how we can do this) with great tips for you as you write your Christmas letter this year. I usually get Jessie to write mine for me, but I’m feeling pretty confident after reading through this tutorial that this year I can do it.

All. [...]

tutorial tuesday: apple pie

Your apple pie will never be the same because Jenny is sharing her apple pie secrets with us today. She is brilliant and witty and very good at making delicious apple pie. Jenny and I first met on a study abroad to New Zealand while I was in college. Later, my husband and I lived down [...]

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