recipe: pumpkin cake in a jar

Yesterday we had some new friends over for dinner. I failed in the mashed potato department (aka I forgot to buy potatoes and ended up using instant flakes *gag*).

But I made the most tasty, moist little pumpkin cakes in their own glass jars. Darling and delicious.

Now, I know it’s not earth shattering to cook tasty things [...]

christmas recap: hot cocoa social

Christmas week was just as I hoped it would be. I spent tons of time with my little family. We (Chris, mostly) did a few projects around the house, raked leaves, and had a party. In years past, we have delivered plates of treats to our neighbors and friends around Christmas time, but this [...]

freebie & other good things

One activity from our advent calendar this year was to play Christmas Bingo with a few friends. Well, that’s what we did Saturday and it was lots of fun. So much fun that I didn’t even take photos. Why does that always happen? Oh well. I’m sharing my Christmas Bingo boards with you. To download the [...]

tutorial tuesday: cake

Today’s tutorial comes from my super talented friend Ruth. She can do everything: quilting, baking, mom-ing, homemaking, and even wardrobe consulting (she takes me shopping). Owning her own bakery is a dream of hers, so I thought I better get in on her cake secrets now before she has to guard them for the business’ sake [...]

tutorial tuesday: apple pie

Your apple pie will never be the same because Jenny is sharing her apple pie secrets with us today. She is brilliant and witty and very good at making delicious apple pie. Jenny and I first met on a study abroad to New Zealand while I was in college. Later, my husband and I lived down [...]

open house snapshots

Finally. Some pics from the open house. Next year I won’t wait until 6:59pm the night of the open house to take photos of everything. But you get the general idea.

Journals were on the kitchen table next to the dessert counter. My Mom made pumpkin cookies, oatmeal fudge bars, cream cheese brownies and a tasty hot [...]


I’m finally starting to feel spooky around here. It has cooled off a little and I’ve hung a few Halloween decorations. I even made my little guy’s bumble bee costume so we are ready for Halloween! My favorite part of Halloween is the food (surprise, heh). Last year we ate taco soup with salty bones (bread [...]

tutorial tuesday: rainbow cake

Do you know Meg? Or her blog? Or have you seen her house? Meg and I have never met in real life but I’m pretty sure that if we were given the chance, we would be good friends. Today she is sharing her rainbow cake secrets with us. You can see the original post here on [...]

pioneer party

We celebrated Pioneer Day with a party (even though we do not live in Utah). And it was really fun. Crafts. Games. Snacks.

The night before I assembled everything: craft stuff in a big bowl, snack stuff in a crate, silverware in a flower pot (not as good of an idea as I thought it would be [...]

animal baby shower

Like I’ve mentioned before, I am so excited to have a new nephew on his way to earth. It is great cause for celebrating. So, our family decided to celebrate together over a delicious dinner in mom’s fabulous yellow dining room. My sister, mom and I all worked together to make this meal from scratch. So [...]

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