art class glimpse: exhibition

I think we can all agree that the Exhibition night was the best part of the whole art class experience.

I enjoyed emptying out my house to make room for all the art (9 students x 5 projects = a lot of artwork!). There was art everywhere! On every wall. Every window. And every space in between.

The [...]

art class glimpse: days 3 & 4

Day 3 of Art Fundamentals was all about shape. Geometric vs. Organic. We looked at a bunch of Mondrian’s paintings while we talked about geometric shapes. And then the kids made their own Mondrian-esque painting with making tape.

While they worked on those, I helped them one at a time in the kitchen to make a set [...]

art class glimpse:days 1 & 2

Ta-da! Art class.The kids are working on their Andy Warhol-esque paintings. They could choose 5 colors and they mixed them all by themselves (makes me so proud!)

We took a look at Andy Warhol’s work and talked all about color. How to mix color, tint vs shade, warm vs cool, local vs arbitrary. It was lots of [...]

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