fresh air

While in Colorado, we visited our favorite park. It’s a Montessori inspired park that is part of the botanic gardens. My kids love climbing in the tree house, rolling down the hills, building with the logs, and walking on the tree cookies.

I would love to add some tree cookies to our backyard play space. With summer [...]

home tour

Our home is featured on Bloom today! Thanks to Anne and Emily for all the nice words.

Go take a peek!

(Although I can assure you things aren’t as tidy right now as they appear in the pics. Today I’m finishing some projects so I can turn the art room into a guest room for the weekend. It’s [...]

sending packages

Recently, I received this apple box in the mail from my Grandpa. He is the master of letter writing and package sending.

He sent me two cranberry crates from his father’s grocery store (Dan’s Foods). I’m such a sentimental girl – I love having these pieces from the old store. Of course, he included a letter about [...]

kid art inspiration

I have two little buddies who work along side me in the art room. They both love projects. They have their own bucket of supplies – tape, markers, crayons, scissors, glue. We like to listen to our Elizabeth Mitchell radio station on Pandora while we work.

This kiddo prefers to work on the floor so he can [...]

tutorial tuesday: fabric phone organizer

Back to organization. I love how spring makes me feel like cleaning. (If only it was spring all year…)

My kitchen counter space is limited. I got so tired of phones on the counter! So I solved the problem with this fabric phone organizer. I hung it on the wall next to my fridge, inbetween my cork [...]

happy st. patrick’s day

I actually don’t know much about St. Patrick’s Day. But I do like rainbow cupcakes–even though I’m not sure food is supposed to be such bright colors…

There’s still time to enter the giveaway down below.

A few things I really should be doing:
+ making the beds for Katie and Will
+ cleaning the bathroom
+ getting [...]

tutorial tuesday: easy envelope organizer

It’s spring cleaning time around here. The trees and bushes are on the verge of full bloom and so I’ve got a serious case of the cleaning bug. The next few Tuesdays I want to share a few of my favorite DIY organizing projects. First up: the easy envelope organizer.

Cathe Holden thought up this great project. [...]

kiddo valentines

I know I’m a little late on this post, but I’m still going to share! For Valentine’s Day this year, I kept it simple. I drew a few cheesy valentines on smallish pieces of paper (I think they were about 2.5″ by 4″) with my trusty Sharpie. Then I left my almost-four-year-old with his markers at [...]

poor bird

I’m having a hard time believing it’s March. Where did February go? I totally missed it! Oh well. Things have been crazy busy around here – hence the lack of blogging on my part. Sorry! I promise there will be a tutorial this Tuesday (I’m such a slacker!).  I had my first sinus infection since high [...]

i heart art

Here are some things I’ve been doing instead of blogging:

I’m getting Valentine’s gift card holders ready to stock in my shop (should be there before the weekend).

The weather has been perfect lately so most mornings have been spent at the park. Life couldn’t be better.

Filled a custom order for 45 bird and butterfly notebooks. Loved working [...]

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