we moved

As you know, we moved. It was just across town but I’m pretty sure it was the same amount of work it would take to move to China. Why do I have all this stuff? I have 4 pizza cutters! I’m thinking it’s time to simplify…


I’ve been browsing online for some “we’ve moved” cards to send [...]

a celebration

It’s August and there are a lot of exciting things on our calendar:

My oldest starts kindergarten.

My birthday.

I might actually unpack all the boxes in our house.

Swimming with cousins in our pool.

A trip to visit Chris’ parents.

A visit from my parents (I hope).

And blog post #200.


I feel like celebrating.

I thought about doing a giveaway… but I want [...]

52 letters: lord byron

(image via Sycamore Street Press — don’t you love Eva’s lettering?)

I love my quiet moments (you know with my three little ones around here that they don’t come often… but they do come). And the quiet moments are even better when I’m writing or reading a letter.

The world needs more letters.

Who are you writing [...]

52 letters: something special

My letter for this week ballooned into a package. My sister-in-law just had her first baby. I can’t wait to meet the newest member of our family! Until then, a note and package would have to suffice.

New moms need this “Tender Toosh” bath tea that my friend makes. Out of all the products I’ve used for [...]

52 letters: birthday thank yous

I saved this thank you note writing project for a time when Max was at preschool and Owen was napping so Cooper could have my undivided attention.

He sat on my lap and he typed up the thank you notes on the computer. I spelled out each word for him and he typed the letters. He was [...]

52 letters: kiddo thank yous

I’m always looking for child-friendly ways of writing thank you notes. It’s never too early to learn to say thank you!

This time, the birthday boy sent postcards to tell his friends and grandparents and aunties and uncles thanks for the birthday gifts.

I made a 4 by 6 photo in Photoshop with a pic of the birthday [...]

52 letters: card club

In January, a friend of mine organized a little card club. We meet once a month to exchange cards (much like a cookie exchange — minus the cookies). She set ours up so that each month has a theme (ie birthday, thank you, holiday, etc) and then we each make 12 cards to fit the theme. [...]

52 letters: we are not alone

(Cute and totally unrelated photo. I love the way Baby O’s toes curl up tight!)

Look. Other people are doing writing 52 letters too.

the non-consumer advocate and Nonny

Who will you write a letter to [...]

52 letters: free printables

(image via wee life)

Hi. It’s week 6. My stationery box needs some freshening up and I plan to print off some of these:

Petal card made by Melissa on her blog ISLY

A toast greeting card found via How About Orange

You’re Tweet found via How About Orange

Lunch Box Notes by wee life

Want in on the 52 [...]

52 letters: stamps

With all this letter writing have you thought about where the stamps come from? Watch this.

found via Letter [...]

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