(images by Kari Hennefer Photography)

Hi. I’m Sarah. I am an artist.  I graduated with my BFA from Brigham Young University. While a student in fine arts there, I discovered I am a gatherer. I like to collect the things around me—ideas, relationships, memories, beauty—and combine them. I think that’s what drew me to bookbinding—the way the art can be used to bring people together. That’s why I love custom orders and open houses. Book Bound Bindery was born a couple of years ago and is slowly growing. There I sell journals, notebooks, gifts card holders, and sketchbooks.

I am also a wife and mother. Most of the time, I am with my boys. We make mud puddles with our crazy sprinkler in the backyard, play board games, read stories, and eat lots of popsicles. Our living room is our “art room” where I make my books, teach painting and drawing lessons, and the boys work on projects of their own.



Email: sarah at sarahnielsen dot com
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Instagram @bookbound

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