Toddler Boy Bedroom

We’ve lived in our house for about 18 months now, and I finally feel like one room is just the way I like it. So that either means that my two-year-old is my favorite child. Or it means his room looked like this when we bought the house (neon aqua walls?!)

From girly tween to toddler boy…

He’s lucky to have a big window with lots of natural light. It’s a fun place to play.

We stash all the toys in this awesome antique banana crate. My Grandpa was a grocer and I feel so lucky to have a few crates from his collection.

I made the pillows and curtains. The curtains were made from a duvet cover from IKEA that was on clearance. I cut it in half and lined the middle so it make enough shade in there for nap time.

This little chair is Chris’ Grandmother’s that we had reupholstered. The legs were wobbly, so we took them off. Turns out to be the perfect height for toddlers. We like to snuggle and read stories in this chair. It’s also a perfect spot to sit and admire Aunt Karina’s handiwork. He loves those animals!

Chris and I built the book shelf six years ago. Way before Pinterest. We based our plans off a shelf I saw from Martha Stewart. I still love it!

What would bedtime be without his family of monkeys? Especially Baby Monkey. He loves that little guy. I strung a couple garlands made of stars and paper airplanes over his crib. He loves looking at them while in his bed. Often we have to say goodnight to the airplanes before turning off the lights.

Now on to the half bath…


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