pop-up greeting cards

Introducing: Pop-up Greeting Cards!

I’m always trying to dress up a gift card so the recipient knows I’m not short on love. That’s why I started making Gift Card Holders a few years ago. The one drawback, it you can’t just pop those in the mail since they are so thick and book-like. These new pop-ups fold up flat so you can stick a regular stamp on them and put them in the mail. You’re welcome.

There are a few different designs to choose from. The inside is blank. I love how versatile these are: “High 5″ can be to congratulate your friend or to wish him/her luck or to celebrate his/her birthday. See what I mean? Awesome.

Of course, there is an array of bright colors to choose from.

Who will you surprise with a pop-up?

These will be available for purchase at the Pecan Harvest Festival on Saturday and also next week at the Holiday Sale.

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