event: holiday sale

Tomorrow is the Holiday Sale! If you are new to Book Bound Bindery, here is a peek at some of things you will find tomorrow at the sale.

Handmade Journals. The pages are blank inside and so lovely. Most covers were made with vintage fabric.

Notebooks. Seven different covers to choose from: bird, butterfly, zebra, truck, dino, tree, bike. Pockets in the front and back covers.

Stickers. Each notebook has a coordinating sticker. You know, for gift wrap or marking your kiddo’s sack lunch or as a bookplate.

Gift Card Holders. I believe in properly gifting gift cards (aka make it special, people).

Pop-up Cards. Everyone loves a pop-up.

Original Paintings. This is new this year! I have a few originals available. Six recent paintings are available as 8″ by 10″ prints.

And to top it off (sorry for no photo!) the paintings are also available as note card sets.

Hope to see you tomorrow! Email me if you need my address.

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