spy birthday party

My boy is 6. So we celebrated.

The invitations were simple (maybe you saw them if you are following me on Instagram). I used the wording from this spy party, but simplified it some, printed it on graph paper and called it good.

We hosted the whole party in our backyard. I made two giant coloring pages of trees and bushes. As the kids arrived, they drew spies hiding in the trees and bushes. It was the perfect thing to keep them busy until all the party guests arrived.

Of course we played games!

First up: target practice with marshmallow shooters and bowls. These paper cup shooters are all over Pinterest. My two cents is to use a paper cup (NOT plastic) and tape the balloon on.

The kids played with these in the grass. Clean up was very sticky. Next time I will set it up on the driveway so I can sweep up the marshmallows.

Next up: spy obstacle course. Run through the red laser beams (crepe paper), dismantle the bomb by building a tower out of blocks, walk the balance beam, dodge through the balloons without touching them, up the ladder, down the fire pole, and on to the finish line.


While I swoon over Amy Atlas designs, I feel no need to recreate tablescapes like those for my parties. But I do believe that food should be unbelievably delicious. So I made the most amazing chocolate cake ever. Smothered in ganache. Topped with sprinkles. I also served cups of fresh fruit and lots of water (we were outside, remember?).


Last up: spy disguises. We all know every good spy has a bunch of disguises. We gave each party guest a bag with spy essentials: fake nose glasses, mustaches, sunglasses, kazoo, finger trap, magnifying glass, notebook, and markers.


The kids got all dressed up and went right to work making top secret notes in their notebooks. Awesome.

Mission accomplished. One and half hours of party fun.



> overall party inspiration from Chicken Babies
> marshmallow shooters tutorial from Real Simple
> chocolate cake from my Auntie Liz
> fake nose glasses, magnifying glasses, kazoos, finger traps, party hats from my local Party City
> sunglasses via Amazon
> mustaches via Amazon

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