preschool: heavy, light, and the letter “v”

Letter: V, v

Theme: Heavy vs. Light


Discuss Theme

-What is heavy? What is light? How do you know it’s heavy? How do you know it’s light?
I loved the answers in this discussion. They said things like, “It is heavy if your dad can lift it, but your mom can’t” and “Birds are light because they fly in the [...]

fresh air

While in Colorado, we visited our favorite park. It’s a Montessori inspired park that is part of the botanic gardens. My kids love climbing in the tree house, rolling down the hills, building with the logs, and walking on the tree cookies.

I would love to add some tree cookies to our backyard play space. With summer [...]


Thanks to Continental for providing $70 round trip tickets to Denver, we got to go to Colorado for a winter visit. We got to do everything we wanted: ice skating outside on a frozen lake, sledding on an icy hill, dinner with long-time friends, ping pong-ing in the basement, racquetball-ing at the community center, and  just [...]

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