preschool: airplanes, rainbows and the letter “O”

Once a month, I host preschool at my home for four little boys. It’s crazy fun. I plan to share my lesson plans here from now on (mostly so the next time I teach preschool (for my other kiddos) I will still have the lesson plans). Hopefully they help or inspire one of you too!

Theme: air [...]


(My mother-in-law blowing out her candles at her birthday celebration)

Between my family and Chris’ family, there are 22 people. 9 of those have a birthday in December or January. I find it hard to keep up with honoring the birthdays because it’s in the middle of the holidays (I know, that is lame!). Does [...]

castle blocks

Castle blocks might be the best invention ever. I wish I had the audio of this play time so you could hear what the tigers and trains say to [...]

making plans for 2012

If you know me well, you know that I love lists. I make lists for everything (this goes back to my high school year book days where list-making was mandatory). So it may be surprising to know (especially to Melissa–Hi, Melissa) that I don’t make lists at the new year.

Years ago, I found that I was [...]

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