sneak peek: notebooks

[No tutorial today... Do you still love me?]


Hooray for notebooks! These notebooks are my top sellers. They are a convenient small size (good for purses and backpacks) with pockets in the front and back covers. The images are transferred onto the covers with a printmaking technique that uses lots of acetone and is very stinky. There are seven cover choices: bird, butterfly, truck, dinosaur, bike, tree, zebra.

Some good ideas for notebooks:

+ Keep track of the funny/cute things your toddlers say.
+ Use it for a weekend travel journal.
+ Plan weekly meals and shopping lists and keep it in your purse.
+ Make the most gigantic to-do list ever and then mark things off.
+ Make hand and foot prints of your kiddos.
+ Write a short story inspired by the cover.
+ List favorite inspirational quotes.

My kiddos and I go through these like they are candy. Treasures, I tell you!

What will you do with your notebook?

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