flowers in november

It has been unseasonably warm here. I’m tired of the 80′s (and I’m not talking about the leggings and over-sized sweaters). My black-eyed susans are so confused. They started blooming again.

There is an up side, though. The beautiful weather has made product photo shoots a breeze. See what a good helper Baby O is?

I will be [...]

a birthday

Someone at my house turned 30. So we celebrated.

Some of our Birthday Traditions:

>> The special person of honor chooses the dinner menu (Chris chose lasagna).

>> They also choose the cake (Chris chose the most delicious chocolate cake known to man, minus the frosting — we don’t like frosting)

>> The family decorates the family room with signs [...]

a story

Story and drawing by my [...]

tutorial: paper ball ornament

A newly acquired friend, Sara of Craft Snob, asked me to participate in her Ornament Parade. This is the tutorial I shared over there.

This paper ball ornament is quick and easy. You can make enough of these for your entire tree in about an hour! And it’s a great project for your kiddos to help with. [...]

photo albums

Introducing: Photo Albums.

I’m so excited to introduce these beauties to you. Now you can have your cherished photo memories in a handmade photo album.

The photo albums are cased in a variety of fabrics, just like my journals.

I’ve included spacers in the spine so once you’ve added your photos, the spine will not bulge.

The pages are 9″ [...]

open house report

Well, we did it!

THANK YOU! to everyone who came to the Open House. It was so fun to see you and visit with you. Is it ok if I confess that I’m in this for the social part of it? Well, I am.

A huge-o mund-o thanks to my mom who cleaned and baked and then baked [...]

sneak peek: gift card holders

Gift card holders are my solution to not feeling so lame when I give a gift card. Admit it: sometimes you feel lame when you give a gift card. Especially if you really like the person. Well, it turns out that if you package up the gift card in a gift-ish sort of way, you feel [...]

sneak peek: limited edition books

Introducing: limited edition books.

I’m really excited about the direction Book Bound Bindery is going. These limited edition books lean more towards the fine art aspect of bookmaking. They are a little more special than the journals I make. Just like a signed limited edition set of prints, these books are signed and numbered and will never [...]

sneak peek: kari hennefer photography

Don’t forget:

Kari Hennefer will also be at the open house with beautiful images of her work on display, and booking Portrait Sessions. Enjoy her “Open House Special” discount of $50 off a Portrait Session if you schedule your booking that day. Come browse through samples, get awesome ideas of how to display [...]

sneak peek: notebooks

[No tutorial today... Do you still love me?]


Hooray for notebooks! These notebooks are my top sellers. They are a convenient small size (good for purses and backpacks) with pockets in the front and back covers. The images are transferred onto the covers with a printmaking technique that uses lots of acetone and is very stinky. There [...]

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