sneak peek: journals

Happy Halloween!

The final count down to the Book Bound Bindery Open House is on! If you have not received the email invite and want to, email me (sarah at sarahnielsen dot com) and I’ll send it your way.

Every day this week I’ll be showing you some of the books I’ve made that will be available on [...]

an autumn wedding

I’m the lucky duck who got to abandon all my duties and go to my cousin’s wedding. Thanks to Chris for supporting the activity and to Mom and Pa for making it possible. We had such fun. My photos aren’t great… but you get the idea.

The reception was in this really cool old building. Beautiful woodwork. [...]

tutorial: thanksgiving bunting

Hello! Today’s tutorial is from my amazing sister-in-law, Katie. She is the mastermind behind the easy autumn centerpieces, the burlap mat, and the embroidery hoop ornament. She is one of those that every thing she touches, she makes beautiful. Thanks to Katie for sharing this tutorial!

ps – click on any of the images to enlarge

happy weekend

Just to sum things up:

+ Did you see my feature on ohdeedoh? I feel so honored.

+ Our family photos were a total success. Thanks, Kari! Can’t wait to see those cookie faces.

+ My studio is littered with paper scraps. I made a wedding guest book and all kinds of journals this week for the Open House. [...]

tutorial: what to wear for family photos

We have our yearly family photo shoot coming up so outfits have been at the front of my mind for a while now. The honest truth is, I love that other people have really great style but I’m happy to just be in shorts and a t-shirt from Target (one of the reasons I’m not a [...]

we ride bikes

I like to ride my bike. Especially when I can be the caboose in our family bike train because I like to mosey. I’m the kind of biker that loses my balance because I’m watching the sky instead of where I am headed. My brother is a real biker. He goes fast. And looks official. My [...]

news: open house scheduled

I’m happy to announce this year’s Book Bound Bindery Open House has been scheduled (aka I wrote it on my calendar with a sharpie)!

SAVE THE DATE: Friday, November 4th.
Come in the afternoon, 1- 3pm, or in the evening, 7-9 pm.

All Book Bound Bindery products will be available for purchase at the open house (although you don’t [...]

tutorial: map fold (or pop-up fold)

Hello, hello! Remember how last week my tutorial photo session did not go as planned? Well, I planned ahead and pulled through this time.

All you need is a piece of paper. I’ll wait here while you go grab one (out of your printer). Seriously. It’s that easy.

Let me introduce you to the map fold (aka the [...]

happy weekend

Check out that hair! This was too funny — I had to share. He loves to ride around in that little car thing. Hours of fun. Hope you have a very merry weekend with your family. We’ll be riding bikes, playing kickball, and laze-ing about if you [...]

fire safety

We went to the fire station with some of our preschool friends.

One of the firemen got all dressed up in his fire gear. The guy on the right is timing him — 1 minute and 16 seconds! Did you know their gear weighs 65 pounds!? That’s worse than being 9 months pregnant.

Yes, my little buddy wore [...]

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