tutorial: paper flower garland

It’s Tuesday! From here on out to the end of the year, I will have a tutorial every Tuesday.

Ready. Go.

We have a narrow window next to our front door (most houses around here do). Not a fan. The obvious solution would be to hang a curtain. But that would have required me to buy fabric and I wasn’t in the mood so instead I made a bunch of paper flower garlands to hang in the window. I have lots of paper laying around so it was a breeze to assemble. I love it and so far, no children have pulled it down…


Step 1: Cut a pile of circles.

Step 2: Cut a slit from the outside to the center of the circles.

Step 3: Dab some glue with a hot glue gun on one side of the slit.

Step 4: Squeeze the 2 sides together.

Step 5: Repeat the gluing on 2 more circles. Each time make the cone shape smaller so you have a variation.

Step 6: Use hot glue to stick them together in a stack.



Make a bunch of the flowers, paper straws, and any other shapes you want. String them on jute.

Then make a bunch of garlands because it’s fun. And then hang them in your window because it’s beautiful.


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  • this is gorgeous sarah! I love it! and I also love the clothespin dolls. I bought some a couple years ago with the intentions of making some and…. I have never used them! Seeing yours makes me want to though! I am sure olivia would love it!

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