happy monday

I had an awesome weekend. My wonderful husband helped me get a bunch of projects completed around the house (hooks in the mud room for backpacks, custom broom hanger for the laundry room, bookshelf in the kiddo’s room, etc). AND, I have most of my art/pics/whatever hanging on the walls now which really helps me feel [...]

my favorite: play dough recipe

The kiddos had a lot of fun squishing play dough with their cousins last week. I use my mom’s recipe (thanks, Mom!) every time. Beats the store-bought kind by a mile and it super quick and easy to make. I usually half the recipe and make 3-4 colors one right after the other. Give it a [...]

my favorite: flower gardens

My mom keeps the most beautiful flower gardens. I can remember watering her potted plants on our front porch as a little girl. I always loved that. One thing I love about having my own home is gardening. I’m already making plans for my flower garden next spring in our new house. Designing the beds is [...]

clothespin dolls

We had cousins come for a visit. They had fun exploring the new house and yard. One morning, we thought it would be good to go for a walk… but, as it turns out, it wasn’t that great of an idea. Even at 9am in August is just too hot. So we came home and made [...]

my favorite: swimming with the family

I am not a swimmer. I don’t like it when my face gets wet. But, as it turns out, I have a lot of fun swimming with my kiddos. I mean, look at that face! He is loving it! This summer has been ridiculously hot down here (and it’s usually hot this time of year anyway). [...]

new home: world map

I really want to hang a world map in my studio. We converted the living room at the front of the house into the studio. I have a big table in there — it’s a gathering place. Good thing I have enough chairs for everyone to be working at the table at the same time.

Anyway, I [...]

small talk: week 12

Click here to download the very last installment of small talk. Hello week 12.

Hi folks. Did you know I have a guitar hero at my house? Cutest one in town, too.

I’m feeling like summer has just whizzed by. It’s August. School starts soon.

To help me deal with it, I made brownies. And added chocolate [...]

my favorite: the mountains

Since it’s my birthday month, I want to share with you some of my favorite things.

Today’s favorite: the mountains.

Lucky for me, we got to spend about 3 weeks in the mountains this summer (unusual for us). I grew up in the mountains and so I love any chance to go back and pay a visit. I [...]

we moved

As you know, we moved. It was just across town but I’m pretty sure it was the same amount of work it would take to move to China. Why do I have all this stuff? I have 4 pizza cutters! I’m thinking it’s time to simplify…


I’ve been browsing online for some “we’ve moved” cards to send [...]

a celebration

It’s August and there are a lot of exciting things on our calendar:

My oldest starts kindergarten.

My birthday.

I might actually unpack all the boxes in our house.

Swimming with cousins in our pool.

A trip to visit Chris’ parents.

A visit from my parents (I hope).

And blog post #200.


I feel like celebrating.

I thought about doing a giveaway… but I want [...]

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