small talk: week 10

Time to make small talk. It’s week 10. Click here to download.


This photo is a good representation of my kiddos. Max is blurry because he won’t hold still for two seconds. Cooper wants to be as close to Owen as possible all the time. Owen feels like such a big kid sitting [...]

wedding guest book: sarah & marty

Just before I boxed up my studio, I made Sarah and Marty’s wedding guest book. Marty is one of our cousins (Side Note: We just spent a weekend with that side of the family. They are so much fun to be with. Missing them already) and we are so excited for him and Sarah. I really [...]

small talk: week 9

Week 9 small talk. Enjoy.

This is a snapshot of a typical Saturday for us. We bum around the house alternating between video games and outside chores and usually a trip to our neighborhood pool. It’s a good life.

We are moving soon. I’m going to miss this house and all our friends here.


New [...]

’tis the season

Summer = Family Reunions

I am loving all this time with my family. We even get to spend some quality time with Chris’ family. Win. Win.

My kiddos loved this slide my mom set up. That was a very fun day.

Nothing brings a family together like water guns.

Hooray for families. We feel so lucky to have such amazing [...]

small talk: week 8

Making small talk is easy. Try it. Download week 8‘s pdf. Click here.

These are my two little ones. Often I find Cooper laying next to Owen on the floor. Just restin’. Cute.

Happy summer. Happy talking.


New around here? Click on the links below to get caught up.

small talk: week 1
small talk: week 2
small [...]

new home: living spaces

We have an adventure in our near future: moving. Back in January we decided to move closer to Chris’ office and after months of house hunting and months of crazy cleaning for last minute showings, things are moving forward.

Which brings me to Pinterest. I’ve been gathering inspiration for the new house.

Here’s what I’m hoping for in [...]

small talk: week 7

It’s here. It’s week 7. It’s free. It’s ready to download. It’s for you. Click here.

Happy 4th of July!

Most of the time my boys want to play water guns. That means they fill up the blue bucket with the hose. Then they fill up their water guns with the water from the bucket and [...]

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