52 letters: birthday thank yous

I saved this thank you note writing project for a time when Max was at preschool and Owen was napping so Cooper could have my undivided attention.

He sat on my lap and he typed up the thank you notes on the computer. I spelled out each word for him and he typed the letters. He was so excited to “work on the computer”. He chose paper from the art room and we printed them. Then, while he was working on a puzzle, I had him tell me three things he liked about each person we were sending a note to.

Next step was to set him up in the art room to draw on the letters. He loves to sit on the floor with all the markers spread out.

I left for a few minutes to do something. When I came back, I found him carefully cutting each letter into pieces. He had also been hard at work punching holes in the paper. Wow. I just had to laugh. He has always loved scissors — way more excited for “scissor projects” than for “color projects”. Too funny. So we put all the pieces in envelopes and sent them off.

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