flashback: our wedding

We recently celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and so I thought it would be fun to post some photos from our wedding.

That’s us.

This was my bouquet. So amazingly beautiful. And heavy.

The reception hall. All white. The flowers were amazing. I do not have words to describe how stunning the flowers were (thanks, Mom and Pa).

See that [...]

summer book club

A few weeks ago I organized a little summer book club for my kiddos and their friends. We meet once a week for an hour. We read a story, do some sort of game or activity relating to that story, and then have a snack. The moms are all rotating book/snack duties. So far, so good.

We [...]

small talk: week 6

Downloading your week 6 small talk cheat sheet is free. Click here.

The other day I found Cooper and Owen playing this balloon game. I’m pretty sure Cooper stood on that handy stool (thanks, JoPa) and wiggled until Owen laughed. Then Cooper would throw the balloon at Owen. And it was hilarious.

Don’t forget to make [...]

art class glimpse: exhibition

I think we can all agree that the Exhibition night was the best part of the whole art class experience.

I enjoyed emptying out my house to make room for all the art (9 students x 5 projects = a lot of artwork!). There was art everywhere! On every wall. Every window. And every space in between.

The [...]

art class glimpse: days 3 & 4

Day 3 of Art Fundamentals was all about shape. Geometric vs. Organic. We looked at a bunch of Mondrian’s paintings while we talked about geometric shapes. And then the kids made their own Mondrian-esque painting with making tape.

While they worked on those, I helped them one at a time in the kitchen to make a set [...]

small talk: week 5

Click on the image to download week 5‘s small talk

Another Monday. Mondays are hard at our house. There is something about Sunday that throws off our groove and we usually can’t get it back on track until Wednesday. Why is that?

Oh well. Onward!


Missed something? Click on the links below to get caught [...]

52 letters: lord byron

(image via Sycamore Street Press — don’t you love Eva’s lettering?)

I love my quiet moments (you know with my three little ones around here that they don’t come often… but they do come). And the quiet moments are even better when I’m writing or reading a letter.

The world needs more letters.

Who are you writing [...]

music on my mind

Have you guys seen these videos?

How did these guys get the idea (and patience!) to do this?

This other video is from Made by Joel. I love using music to teach my kiddos. How do you [...]

small talk: week 4

Click on the image to download the free pdf for week 4

Hello! It’s time for some more small talk. Are you finding this useful?

This week is going to be crazy fun: niece and nephew are in town, my mom is coming, finishing up art class, art exhibition night on Friday, summer book club, and [...]

art class glimpse:days 1 & 2

Ta-da! Art class.The kids are working on their Andy Warhol-esque paintings. They could choose 5 colors and they mixed them all by themselves (makes me so proud!)

We took a look at Andy Warhol’s work and talked all about color. How to mix color, tint vs shade, warm vs cool, local vs arbitrary. It was lots of [...]

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