basketball birthday party

We celebrated another birthday. Cooper’s three-year-old birthday request included basketball, really big cake, sprinkles, and gumballs. Ok. Here’s what I came up with.

Grammie, JoPa, my sister and her kiddos came in town to help us celebrate.

We spent the morning at the park swinging, playing tag, and shooting hoops. We had a picnic. The weather was  beautiful.

That afternoon, JoPa took all the boys on an outing while the women-folk got the party ready. We wrapped presents, made a few decorations, and set the table.

I covered the table in brown paper and used my trusty Sharpie to draw the lines of a basketball court. Cooper thought that was very cool. We ate pizza and had our favorite fizzy drinks.

Grammie provided party shirts for the kiddos. They also got sweat bands for their heads and wrists. Check out those muscles.

After dinner, we played “Pin the Basketball in the Hoop”. The Birthday Boy opted for covering his mouth with his hand rather than the typical blindfold covering the eyes. We were going to have a Slam Dunk contest as well, but Cooper was not interested.

Instead, I found him inside sitting at the table with the ice cream and a spoon and bowl. He was waiting patiently for his giant cake. That’s my boy. Happy Birthday, Kiddo!

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