super hero birthday party

(If I was awesome, this photo would not be grainy!)

My little super hero turned 5. How come all this growing up business happens so fast?

I believe in small, low-key birthday parties. Max could invite five friends (he chose Cooper as one of those –cute!).


Lots of balloons. WHAM, BAM, POW signs hung all over. Streamers. I covered the table in paper.

**UPDATE** You can download the super hero signs HERE because I like to share.

We invited our friends to come dressed as super heros. My boys wore capes I made them for Christmas a couple years ago from cast-off IKEA curtains paired with old t-shirts with a felt letter appliqued on front.


When the kiddos arrived, we made super hero fruit loop necklaces. This kept everyone busy until all the kids came. (Otherwise they would have been in the playroom dumping out all of the toys — and that sort of stresses me out…)

During our party planning session, Max came up with this game:

1. The Super Heros wait inside while Mom hides the stuffed animals in the backyard.

2. The Super Heros come running to the backyard to save the animals.

3. The Super Heros return the animals to the blue basket on the deck.



Actually, I’m not sure the food was super… but they ate it :) We had snacks and cupcakes. Simple. Easy.


Max helped me make glitter initials for each bag. Then he got to choose a few things at the store to put inside. Instead of buying the prepackaged party favors, I like to buy normal, big bags of things and then repackage them at home. That way it feels more special and it’s cheaper.

And that’s everything. Happy Birthday, Kid!

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