It’s springtime here. I love it.

Last week the boys helped me spring clean the yard.

We took all the weeds out, loosened the dirt, planted impatiens and petunias, trimmed the bushes, admired the azaleas, wished the homeless dog would stop pooping in our flower beds by the front door, spread 3 yards of mulch, cleaned out all [...]

super hero birthday party

(If I was awesome, this photo would not be grainy!)

My little super hero turned 5. How come all this growing up business happens so fast?

I believe in small, low-key birthday parties. Max could invite five friends (he chose Cooper as one of those –cute!).


Lots of balloons. WHAM, BAM, POW signs hung all over. [...]

52 letters: card club

In January, a friend of mine organized a little card club. We meet once a month to exchange cards (much like a cookie exchange — minus the cookies). She set ours up so that each month has a theme (ie birthday, thank you, holiday, etc) and then we each make 12 cards to fit the theme. [...]

the fort

My boys love to play outside. Back in January, we upgraded our backyard plastic slide for a real fort (Thanks, Jon!).

This is the view from the back door, standing on the deck. The boys run off the deck, through the trees, and up the ladders.

Cooper is not interested in the fire pole, but Max loves it. [...]

moving slowly

Hi. I’m feeling a little unbalanced right now and thought you might want to know (if you don’t want to know, stop reading and just admire how handsome Owen is!).

This is my darling boy. He is six months old now and cuter than ever. He is so many things: smiley, content, happy, handsome, strong, fast. One [...]


Can I share with you a dream of mine?

This is the view from my mom’s kitchen sink. I know the picture is a little dark.

Did you get that? This is what she sees out the window above her sink.


I took this photo a couple months ago when I was there visiting (yes, I rode on an [...]

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