valentine’s day

I know what you are thinking. Wasn’t Valentine’s Day more than a week ago?! Well. Yes.

Here is my report on our Valentine happenings.

There were decorations:

Remember the autumn leaf garland we made last fall? I’m still in love with it so we did it again, this time with hearts (and I didn’t even try to make the [...]

tutorial: paper heart garland

My life needed a little Valentine something and so I made this little paper heart garland. Now, I know garlands are hot right now and self explanatory. But I made a tutorial anyway. So here’s my contribution to the garland trend…


1. Gather supplies. I used brown kraft paper scraps, doilies, [...]

kiddo valentines

Max made his valentines this year for his preschool class. He directed the entire project – I tried my best to follow orders.

Max wanted me to draw a T-rex on each one. But… my T-rex skills are a little rusty and so I asked him what his second choice was. Dinos with long, long necks. Ok. [...]

handmade gifts: photo books

I guess photo books may not technically be “handmade”… but I still put them in that category. Photo books make great gifts for all occasions. My mom has made a couple in recent years that my boys just love to look at.

First up: Spiral Bound pages measuring 9″ by 12″

My mom printed 4″ by 6″ [...]

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