tutorial: dinner menu board

It’s the season for organization. Here’s a little tutorial on how I’ve conquered my fear of planning dinners (I’m happy to cook for the family – I’m just not good at planning!). Once a week I plan my dinners. I made a stash of shopping lists for my family’s favorite dinners. I tack them on the cork board and I’m good to go for a whole week. Stress is gone!


1. Make days of the week labels. I printed mine off the computer but you could hand write them as well. Mine are about 1″ by 3.5″. I want to post this for free download but I can’t find where I saved the file. (Ha! How’s that for good organization?) As soon as I do, I will post it here.

2. Cut scratch paper slightly smaller than your days of the week labels. Staple the scratch paper in place.

3. Use double sided tape to attach the days of the week labels to the scratch paper.

4. Fold a piece of paper in half and staple on as a pocket to hold your dinner shopping lists. I usually put the recipe name, recipe location (which cook book it’s in), and shopping list. That makes my weekly shopping so easy.

5. Hang and enjoy! Do you think I could possibly cram any thing else in the bins next to the cork board?! That’s real life for you. :)

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