handmade gifts: hopscotch

I’m always looking for indoor activities for our family.

Two reasons:
1. Each Sunday we go to church and then spend the rest of the day together.
2. Some Houston summer days are just too hot for anything outside.

So for Christmas, I made the boys a hopscotch mat. I used the fabric from a couch slip cover I’ve had for years (it shrunk in the wash). It felt so good to put that to good use! I used ribbon for the lines and scraps of fabric from my stash for the numbers. In the middle is a very thin layer of batting. I used heat-n-bond to put the numbers on but in the end I stitched around each number. If I had known I would have to do that I would have chosen a less complicated font. Oh well. Next time.

Each boy got his own marker (a bean bag made of felt) with his initial on it.

Hopscotch is really great for my boys – lots of jumping and throwing!

On the back I put two tic-tac-toe boards. That way four people can play at once. I made two sets of bean bags that are double sided to use as the game pieces. One of the best things I did was substituting lentils for beans in the bean bags. I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but bean bags at my house are too dangerous. They are heavy and it hurts when my two-year-old throws them at me. Lentils aren’t as bad.

The kiddos love it. The next step is to learn the real rules of Hopscotch.

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