52 letters: we are not alone

(Cute and totally unrelated photo. I love the way Baby O’s toes curl up tight!)

Look. Other people are doing writing 52 letters too.

the non-consumer advocate and Nonny

Who will you write a letter to [...]

handmade gifts: wooden people

When I stumbled upon this tutorial, I knew my 2-year-old must have a little family of guys for Christmas. Now, these guys go every where with him – even to nap time (they ride in a little bucket).

I used fabric scraps from my grandma’s stash. I’m a sentimental fool about everything (I even save the money [...]

our 2010 christmas card

I know Christmas feels like it was ages ago (how does that happen so fast?) but I thought I’d share our Christmas card anyway. Of course I used one of Cathe Holden’s vintage images to make our card. It was printed on linen card stock and mailed in parchment envelopes.

Here’s the front and back. I love [...]

handmade gifts: hopscotch

I’m always looking for indoor activities for our family.

Two reasons:
1. Each Sunday we go to church and then spend the rest of the day together.
2. Some Houston summer days are just too hot for anything outside.

So for Christmas, I made the boys a hopscotch mat. I used the fabric from a couch slip cover I’ve had [...]

tutorial: dinner menu board

It’s the season for organization. Here’s a little tutorial on how I’ve conquered my fear of planning dinners (I’m happy to cook for the family – I’m just not good at planning!). Once a week I plan my dinners. I made a stash of shopping lists for my family’s favorite dinners. I tack them on the [...]

52 letters: free printables

(image via wee life)

Hi. It’s week 6. My stationery box needs some freshening up and I plan to print off some of these:

Petal card made by Melissa on her blog ISLY

A toast greeting card found via How About Orange

You’re Tweet found via How About Orange

Lunch Box Notes by wee life

Want in on the 52 [...]

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