tutorial: holiday banner

Last year I made this “Merry Christmas” garland/banner/bunting (not sure what to call it). This year I thought I’d share how to make it. So easy – these could make great gifts to give your friends.

Gather your materials:
- stack of muslin rectangles (mine are about 2.5″ by 4″)
- chartpak colorless blender marker (you can buy these in art supply stores or online)
- bone folder (or old credit card)
- sewing machine
- iron
- jute twine
- the reverse image of the words you want printed with a laser printer

1. Fold over about 1/2″  of the muslin rectangle and press with your iron. Do this to as many pieces as the number of letters you need.

2. Print off the reverse image of the words you want. Make sure it’s printed from a laser printer. This will NOT work with an inkjet print. If you need to, go make a copy at the store. Use your blender marker to transfer one letter to each piece of muslin. Turn the letter right side down (so the toner is touching the muslin) and color on the back of the paper with your blender marker. Burnish it with your bone folder. Lift and discard the paper.

If you are lucky, your toddler will watch you the whole time and then leave his banana peel on the counter.

3. Lay the twine in the fold of each muslin square and sew them together. I used red thread and jute twine. Make sure you have your letters in the right order.

Hang it up and enjoy! See. I told you that was easy.

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4 comments to tutorial: holiday banner

  • Great idea!!

    I learned how to do that at art school & haven’t done it in ages. Did you know that acetate also does the trick? You can get it from any home improvement store & it costs less & goes farther than the markers.

  • sarah

    That’s where I learned it too. Acetate is great too (that’s all that’s in the markers anyway) but the markers are so handy! I wonder if there’s a way to break off the end of the marker and refill it with acetate?…hmmm…

    I use this trick to put my kiddos names on everything that goes to school with them.

  • Anna

    love this idea! found it on pinterest. can you tell me what font you used?

  • sarah

    The font is clarendon. Enjoy!

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