paper plate monsters

The other day the kiddos needed something to do while I took care of baby and made dinner. Here’s what we came up with.

I cut out a bunch of shapes and the kids made monster faces on paper plates. Added a little glue stick in the equation. And wha-la. Monsters.

Of course the pre-dinner included snacks. (Monsters [...]

our family

This is my family.

I love this picture. It pretty much sums up our family. We like each other enough to all sit on a small couch together. Max has a bonk and Cooper has his blankie. Chris is wearing a BYU shirt. Owen is swaddled and sleeping. I’m surrounded by boys. And we are watching the [...]

sketchbook project

My sketchbook just arrived in the [...]

autumn leaf garland

Last week I saw this idea and this idea. Which inspired me to make this:

Cool, huh. I cut out a bunch of leaves from an old textbook and brown kraft paper.

Max joined in the fun and helped me paint the leaves. Before he got started, we talked about what color autumn leaves are (in Houston most [...]

baby’s birth announcements

I’m so happy with these announcements. Months ago, Cathe Holden posted a vintage “i spy” image on her blog. I knew immediately I wanted to use it in the announcement. (Thanks, Cathe!)

[side note: Last year I used one of Cathe's images for our Christmas card. You can see pics of it here.]

The text reads, “I spy [...]

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