goodbye september

September is the hardest month for me. My mountain-loving self will never get used to Houston’s humid and hot September weather. Somehow, Houston missed the message that September is not summer. So, when I am ready for cool, crisp mornings and sweatshirts and leaves changing colors and breezes it’s no where in sight. None of that [...]


Every day around 4 o’clock I have a choice to make. Make dinner OR snuggle.

Ummm… I choose snuggle. Every time.  Wouldn’t you?!

In other news, I’ve been working on baby’s birth announcements. Once I get them all sent out I will post a few pics here. Until then, here’s a [...]


We welcomed Baby Brother into our family last week.

So, please excuse me for a couple of weeks. I’m busy enjoying this new little one. Life couldn’t [...]

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