race car themed birthday party

Spring time is birthday season at our house. I decided to let the kiddos have birthday parties with friends every other year. So this was our friend party year.

Max wanted a race car theme with red and orange. Done.

We tied an orange balloon to each chair. I covered the table with brown kraft paper (the kind from Home Depot that contactors use to cover the carpet – it comes in giant rolls and is super cheap). I used orange wrapping paper to cover the counter. The plates, napkins and cups were red.

I pre-poured snacks into cups – cracker, pretzels, goldfish. We had tangerines, chocolate cupcakes, and juice. About an hour before the party, I put the juice boxes in the freezer to get them cold and the froze! So most kids ate their juices with a spoon – but everyone likes slushies, right?!

The kids played “Red Light, Green Light” in the backyard. I made the flags out of felt and dowel rods from the craft store.

Target had some wooden cars and trucks for a dollar so the kids each decorated a car. Max takes his projects very seriously. He stayed at the table to color even after his buddies were long gone and playing in the playroom. He colored every inch of the car (and his face). I set up a ramp in the family room using our coffee table and some masonite board I had laying around for the kids to race their cars.

Max helped me put the party favor bags together. He chose punch balloons, race car pencils, bouncy balls, and little race cars to go inside the bags. I printed out some race car graphics. Max cut each one out and glued it on each bag. We used the extra images to make a mobile that hung from the light over the kitchen table (my mom’s idea). The kids loved that! We closed up the bag with jute twine following this tutorial.

All in all, the party was a success. No disasters. My parents were in town so they helped with all the prep and the day of the party. Max had fun with his friends. We were all happy.

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