tutorial tuesday: felt fishing game for kids

We recently celebrated a birthday at our house (how did my little guy grow up to be TWO?!). I like to make at least one of the gifts for birthdays. Here’s what I came up with for my two-year-old: A fishing game made of felt. I know this is not a new idea, but I had trouble finding a tutorial and fish templates so I’m posting my tutorial to (hopefully) help out someone else who wants to make the same sort of thing.



+ assorted colors of felt
+ needle and thread
+ VERY strong magnets
+ dowel rod
+ twine
+ scraps of muslin

STEP 1: Make the fish out of felt.

I found the best tutorial for this part over at The Purl Bee. I used their templates and followed their instructions… mostly. I wanted my fish to be double sided so I put the detailing on both sides of the fish. Instead of using embroidery thread to hand sew the magnets into the fish, I used my sewing machine.

STEP 2: Make the water out of felt.

I bought a 1/2 yard of blue felt for the water. Using a different blue, I cut out waves (you can do this free hand). I had some scraps of a shiny blue (reminds me of mermaids) that I also cut some wave shapes out of. Then, I sewed on each wave with my sewing machine. One of the beautiful things about felt is no hemming the edges!

STEP 3: Make the fishing poles.

I bought a dowel rod from the hardware store and had my husband (thanks, Chris) cut it in half so each rod is about 18″ long. Then, he drilled a tiny hole in one end of the rod about a 1/2″ from the end. Tie a piece of jute twine (or yarn) through the hole. Use your muslin scraps to make a tiny bag for your magnet to go in. Sew the 4th edge of the bag shut with your magnet and twine inside.

The kiddos love it! All it needs now is a storage bag with a pocket for the fish…

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3 comments to tutorial tuesday: felt fishing game for kids

  • Cori

    This is darling!! You’re so talented. I bet the boys have had a great time with it!

  • Amazing!! I’m going to try and make this for our littles this holiday season, and make one for Grandpa too, so they can all “go fishing” together.

  • Hi! I found your website looking through the links in The Purl Bee’s comments. I made my own version of these fish as well! I made them for my daughter (2) to play with on the fridge but am currently brainstorming ways to turn it into a game. Love your fishing idea! I was curious how your jellyfish have held up? I am thinking about redoing them and reinforcing the tentacles as some have ripped.

    Anyway, here is my post if you would like to check it out…


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