tutorial tuesday: baby legs (leg warmers)

Back to baby. (Have I mentioned how excited I am for another baby!?)

I’m happy to say Katie Kortman is back today (remember her ruffle bottom onesie tutorial?). Here is her baby legs tutorial.

I’m really seriously thinking of making my baby these. Is it socially acceptable for little boys to wear these?! Help me out here.


When I first got pregnant and started looking at baby clothes (I started buying them when I was only 3 months along… I bought at stores with a 3 months return policy so I could return once I found out what the sex was. I KNOW I am crazy. But I was just way too excited about all the cute stuff I was seeing! Anyway, I happened upon “baby legs.” These are super cute little legging/legwarmers that are basically socks with no foot. Great for warming the legs and not having to take them off for a diaper change! Anyway, the REAL things are $12. That is just ridiculous. So I perused the internet and found a tutorial. I was able to get the idea of how to do it, but the images were less than inspiring. SOOOO alas, here is my own tutorial on how to make them! Enjoy!

Materials needed:
Thin patterned socks, or toe socks (i got mine at the dollar store).
sewing machine, or really good hands and a needle
Time needed: 1/2 a nap or less!!!! Heck you can make lots of these in 1 nap!! (aka 15 minutes)

1. cut off a 2.5-3″ piece of the sock (if you are using regular socks, then this would be the section where the foot goes. just trim off the toe cap, and the heel, and you have the middle section to work with)

2. Push the little tube through itself, so that the wrong sides are facing each other.

3.Put the long part left from the sock inside the hole created by the little tube you just made. Right sides should be facing each other.

4. Once you sew the 2 tubes together with your machine (or hands I suppose), you may want to turn the entire thing inside out and then sew it narrower if your baby has thin legs like mine does….

Turn them right side out and there you have it!!! Your own baby legs!!! Almost as cute as the little legs you are about to put them on…..

Alternative way to make these: Cut the sock and just serge the raw edge. Done.

All pics in this post are by Katie Kortman. You can find the original baby legs tutorial on her blog.
And, you can find more of Katie here:
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2 comments to tutorial tuesday: baby legs (leg warmers)

  • Cindy

    Of course it is okay for boys to wear these. The ad for “Baby Legs” shows boys in the ad. Have fun and find socks with puppies and cars, etc. on them. When my oldest child (and only son) was a baby, I had some Humpty Dumpty crawler socks which were just like baby legs, except BETTER. They had an extra layer of padding in the knee area. I cannot find them anywhere online and I looked at brick and mortar stores, too. (google search took me to “vintage” socks, but not the crawler style) So I decided to make my own. When I saw $12.00 for one pair, I thought to myself–I can do that with an old pair of tube socks (which my 14 year old has–and one pair has holes in them) Then someone on one of my sewing groups posted this and I read it (mostly out of curiosity—wanted to see if the tute contained hints about adding a padding at the knee) But it is a nice tute!! At least I know that others think like me. I will have fun making them knowing someone else is doing the same thing.

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