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Last week I hosted a baby shower for a good friend. She is having her fourth boy! I really wanted to have a celebration for her (not so much for the baby). Now don’t get me wrong, babies are good. But I think the party needs to be for the pregnant lady. It’s no small thing to have a baby. Motherhood is a big deal and needs some loving attention.

So, this party wasn’t very “boy-ish” because Melissa was my main focus.

I was inspired by this rustic party table. I really tried to only use materials I had around the house (that kind of thing makes my husband happy…) I covered my table in brown kraft paper. On top of that was a wrapping paper table runner using a blue on blue floral (from IKEA). I added one more layer with a burlap table runner. The red and orange tulip centerpiece wasn’t quite tall enough so I stood the vase on a glass salad bowl turned upside down. Perfect. The food signs are printed on construction paper and held up with giant clothespins. For my guests, I gave a little seed kit in a tiny clay pot (love those dollar bins at Target!).

I’m the awesome kind of party host and mom that sets up the buffet table the afternoon of the party. So the boys had to eat dinner outside on the deck.

The Menu:

+ Mango Salsa with chips
+ Broccoli Salad
+ Artichoke and Spinach Dip with crackers
+ Rolls and strawberry jam
+ Whole Wheat Banana Muffins
+ Fresh Fruit cups
+ Chocolate Cake
+ Peanut Butter Pie
+ Lemon Pudding Parfaits
+ Caramel Brownies
+ Pomegranate Izzes

Melissa has had baby name drama (to say the least) and so I had slips of paper prepared for each guest to suggest some names for her new baby.

We had a great time chatting and eating. And eating. And eating.

Party success.

Happy baby!

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