wedding guest book

I really enjoy making wedding guest books.

Kristina’s wedding colors were purple and green. Since purple was more favorite than green, that’s what I went with for the cover. I found a beautiful lavender silk for the front and back covers. Frankfurt paper is on the inside (my favorite!). The endsheets were white with a [...]

tutorial tuesday: small pocket flag book

I’m breaking away from my baby and kiddo tutorials this week so you can get prepared for Mother’s Day. I don’t live close enough to my mom to celebrate Mother’s Day in person (sniff sniff) so I try to send something meaningful in the mail. This year, I designed a little flag book with pockets that [...]

spring party ideas

This might be a little late, but I’m sharing anyway.

I used this table setting at our Easter Brunch but it would work with any spring or garden party. The nest is made out of marshmallow and All Bran cereal.

A few weeks back, our friend invited me and the boys to make these darling chicken cupcakes. They [...]

this week in my garden

I love our gardens. Flowers and veggies. We all work together to take care of our gardens. One thing I like about living in Houston is we can have gardens all year round.

Here are some photos of our gardens this year. Everything is new and just starting to grow.

While my mom was here about a month [...]

tutorial tuesday: ruffle bottom onesie

As you know, I have a baby on the way so I thought it’d be fun to have a few weeks of baby-related tutorials (at least for me, haha!).

Katie Kortman of Blue-Eyed Freckle is the genius behind this ruffle bottom onesie tutorial. She has so many great ideas and is such an artistic and fashionable girl! [...]

kid art inspiration

I have two little buddies who work along side me in the art room. They both love projects. They have their own bucket of supplies – tape, markers, crayons, scissors, glue. We like to listen to our Elizabeth Mitchell radio station on Pandora while we work.

This kiddo prefers to work on the floor so he can [...]

tutorial tuesday: for the little boy

images via Thimbly Things

Today I wanted to list all the projects I’m excited to give a try because I have a baby boy on his way… that’s right! I’m expecting! And I couldn’t be happier. Soon there will be THREE LITTLE BOYS tromping around here. Oh how I love my little fellas.

+ [...]

spotlight: miki sato

Miki Sato is a brilliant illustrator. I find everything she does so inspirational! I especially enjoyed watching this video of how she makes her works of art. Thanks, Miki, for sharing with us!

image via

Tell us about what you do.

I’m an illustrator in Toronto, Canada that works with things such as [...]

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