tutorial tuesday: fabric phone organizer

Back to organization. I love how spring makes me feel like cleaning. (If only it was spring all year…)

My kitchen counter space is limited. I got so tired of phones on the counter! So I solved the problem with this fabric phone organizer. I hung it on the wall next to my fridge, inbetween my cork board and chalkboard (notice the lovely drawing from the kiddos…)

My one disclaimer is: I’m not a sew-er person. So don’t laugh. I like to sew for fun and I know enough to use my sewing machine to do most things, but I’m sure one of my sewing friends reading this could come up with an actual pattern. Any takers?

Here we go.


+ fabric for the outside (I used muslin I had on hand)
+ a scrap of accent fabric (this is from the curtains I made for our living room)
+ sewing machine
+ heat n’ bond (or other heat adhesive material)
+ 2 eye hooks and a dowel rod (I actually used a wooden BBQ skewer)


STEP 1: Lay out your fabric and all the gadgets you want to organize. I wanted a 4-pocket holder. Cut your fabric out to your desired length. The height should be long enough to fold up part for the pockets. I just eyeballed it.

STEP 2: Fold up the bottom for the pockets. Press with your iron. Fold down the top about 3/4″ for the dowel rod to go through. Press with your iron.

STEP 3: Attach your accent fabric to the heat n bond and then cut to size so it fits the back of the organizer. (Side Note: You don’t really need to use the heat n bond – you could just line the fabric – but the heat n bond makes it a little more stiff and so the organizer keeps its shape better). Iron the accent fabric and and muslin together.

STEP 4: Hem the edge of the pocket. Don’t sew through all the layers here or else you will sew your pockets shut. The pic makes it look like I sewed through all that. Nope. Just the muslin.

STEP 5: Fold over and hem the dowel rod pocket. Sew through all the layers here.

STEP 6: Pin and sew the pockets for your gadgets. I wanted 4 equal sized pockets so I used my ruler to measure them out.

STEP 7: Hang it up. Twist the eye hooks into the wall far enough apart to hold the dowel rod. Insert the dowel rod through the pocket at the top of the organizer and then into the eye hooks. I spray painted my eye hooks and dowel rod white before doing this part.

And Wha-la! You have a fabric phone organizer. No more phones on the counter!

Email me or leave a comment if you have any questions.

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