tutorial tuesday: fabric flower garland

This is fabric flower garland is pretty simple. I made the flowers out on the deck while the boys played in the backyard. Later that night I made it into a garland. It’s the perfect thing for spring and summer.


+ fabric of your choice cut into circles (3″ diameter)
+ needle and thread
+ hot glue
+ twine or ribbon


STEP 1: Fold one circle in half. Then in thirds (should be a triangle shape). Pinch it at the bottom to hold it together.

STEP 2: Put a little stitch in the bottom. I used a contrasting thread to make this tutorial easier to follow. You should use a matching thread.

STEP 3: Take another circle and follow steps 1 & 2. After you’ve stitched it, sew it on to the first circle. Continue doing this with 10-15 circles or until your flower is the fullness you want it to be.

STEP 4: Decide the length of your garland and space out your flowers. Hot glue each flower to the twine. I put the twine through the middle of the flower and then glued it in place. This will hold the flower better than gluing it to the back of the flower.

STEP 5: Hang it where you can enjoy it!

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