tutorial tuesday: easy envelope organizer

It’s spring cleaning time around here. The trees and bushes are on the verge of full bloom and so I’ve got a serious case of the cleaning bug. The next few Tuesdays I want to share a few of my favorite DIY organizing projects. First up: the easy envelope organizer.

Cathe Holden thought up this great project. The full how-to can be read here and you can download the images for the labels here. All you need is a handful of no. 10 envelopes, glue and labels! How easy is that?

I followed her directions with a few personal twists:

+ Instead of attaching the envelopes to each other, I glued them to a few sheets of cheerful Amy Butler paper.

+ Since I don’t have a color printer handy, I used a different label border (also one of Cathe Holden’s free downloads – you can get it here).

+ My envelopes are hanging in my studio.

+ I used part of  one of my favorite scriptures at the top.

Happy organizing! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway in the post below…

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