tutorial tuesday: folded heart card

One reason I love Valentine’s Day is for all the love letter writing. I think every holiday should include love letters. But then again, you know how much I love letters. So, in honor of our January Letter Writing Tutorial Month, here is a simple folded heart card I thought up yesterday afternoon. The possibilities seem endless with this project – so take it as a template and then add your own touch. As with most of my projects, the papers and supplies can vary from what I use in the tutorial to meet your needs. I usually just use what I have in the studio…



+ 1 piece solid color construction paper (I used 9″ by 12″)
+ card stock (I used brown kraft paper)
+ decorative paper (I used a 12″ square piece of scrapbooking paper)
+ double sided tape or glue
+ scissors
+ pencil
+ xacto knife and ruler
+ bone folder


PART ONE: The Inside

1. Fold the construction paper in half. Crease with bone folder.

2. Fold in half again. Crease with bone folder.

3. Open up the 2nd fold. Take the left top corner and line up the fold with the center crease from the 1st fold. Repeat on the right side. (Should look like a hat, sort of)

4. Open up the paper and refold to the hat shape, this time reversing the folds so they all go inside (this sounds more complicated than it is… follow the pics)

5. Fold in half again.

6. Use your ruler to measure out how big you want your card to be. Mine is 3.5″.

7. Draw a heart shape.

8. Cut through all the layers. When you open it up, there should be 4 hearts.

PART TWO: The Covers

9. Use your folded hearts to measure and cut 2 squares from your card stock to be the covers. If you want to use the card stock as is for the covers skip down to PART THREE. I wanted to cover mine in decorative paper.

10. Glue or tape (I used my trusty tape dispenser for this project so I wouldn’t have to wait for it to dry) each bit of card stock to the wrong side of the decorative paper. Trim around the edges leaving about 3/4″ around the card stock. Fold over and secure the edges to the card stock (this step is a simpler version of  step #3 in the accordion book tutorial)

11. Cut 2 squares from the decorative paper that are 1/4″ smaller than the covers. Tape these to the covers so all the card stock is hidden.

PART THREE: Insert the folded heart into the covers

12. Fold up the hearts and cover one side in double sided tape. Center it on one of the covers and press. Do the same to the other side. (NOTE: When I’m attaching the back cover, I put tape on the heart and then I line up the back cover with the front cover – that’s easier than moving the cover that already has the heart attached to it)

13. Write a love note in it and send it off!

I’ll post a few more pics tomorrow of ways you can personalize this. Leave a comment if you are confused or having trouble with this. You can also leave a comment if you think it is awesome and your life will never be the same. Haha. Just kidding.

And new for The Lightbulb Lab’s Tutorial Tuesday, I have created a very printer friendly PDF of this tutorial you can download (for free!) and save for easier folded heart card making. (I know, you love me)

Click the button to download the Folded Heart Card Tutorial PDF

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7 comments to tutorial tuesday: folded heart card

  • Karen

    Thanks, Sarah for the good idea! I used this pattern to make cards for my seminary kids to send valentines to the missionaries.

  • 1. I love this card! I always wonder how to make pop-up cards!
    2. how did you make a pdf of the tutorial??? that is something I have been wanting to know how to make forever!

  • sarah

    katie, making the pdf is simple. i copy and pasted my blog post into indesign. since i edited my photos in photoshop, it was easy to link the photos from photoshop to indesign. then you “save as” a pdf. indesign makes it to easy because it save my formatting so each time i save a tutorial it only takes a few minutes.

    karen, i’m glad you put it to good use! sometimes i wonder if any one even looks at my tutorials :)

  • Euphemia Roecker

    I love your card and tutorial! Thank you so much for the great idea.

  • Great!!! I´ll feature on my blog, hope you don´t mind
    hugs from Brazil

  • I like your card and your tutorial, very helpful and so interesting, Thank you so much, I wait your next tutorial :)

  • thank you post card ideas about the unique :)

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