spotlight: mara zepeda

Introducing The Lightbulb Lab‘s first ever artist spotlight. I am inspired by so many people and I want to share more of them with you. So every week or so I will shine the spotlight on an artist who has influenced me.

First up: Mara Zepeda of Neither Snow.

Tell us about what you do.

I am a calligrapher and my business is called Neither Snow. The types of projects I do really vary. In the last few months I’ve calligraphed words for a greeting card company, wedding invitations, a doctor’s office holiday card, logos, a website, editorial work, envelopes for a fashion house and tattoos (!!!). I also specialize in tracking down vintage stamps and postal stationery for customers (and myself– see tutorial!)

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

In the broadest sense I draw inspiration from the physical, literary and epistolary worlds, which means just about anything. I am consistently enthralled by Joseph Cornell’s artwork, Wislawa Szymborska’s poetry, StoryCorps’ audio documentaries and old letters from other countries.

What motivates you to keep at it?

The feeling of getting something in the mail is inimitable, and it makes me feel good knowing that I can help to inspire that.

What is one thing you are looking forward to?

Valentine’s day! Check out my website on Monday ( for an exciting announcement.

Are there other talents/skills/hobbies you hope to add to your repertoire?

The list is long, and includes crewel embroidery, keeping plants alive, canning preserves, basic plumbing and auto repair skills, doing a careful study of apple varieties next fall and learning the Latin names of every plant in our garden.

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